Thursday, 2 August 2012

Bubblies Bubblies at 8 1/2 Otto e Mezzo Bombana - Can it be grander?

Sweet Sweet Boyfriend say Dumbo is a great virtue when I get invitation to Krug dinner at 8 1/2 Otto e Mezzo Bombana. I say I have invitation, I must be famous foody writer.  That is so grand. Why he want me to be Dumbo?  I have seen pictures of Dumbo before, Dumbo no wear nice high heels.  He must be jealous die him! 

Anyway, Sweet Sweet Boyfriend told me wines with lots of bubbles made in Champagne are known as Champagne. Bubble wines made outside of Champagne are no Champagne.  However, bubble wines can be made of different grapes but still be known as Champagne.  I no understand this complicate matter.  When Champagne a place and when a wine?  Anyway, I wear Paule Ka dress to say I am very France chic,  Bottega Veneta suede peep toes high heels to show my respect to the Italy restaurant.  I was all happy until Champagne man from Krug say "Mr Krug is actually German..." Oh no oh no! Sweet Sweet Boyfriend no say there is Germany theme.  Phew! Lucky I was wearing Glashutte Original

8 1/2 Otto e Mezzo Bombana latest three Michilin star restaurant in Hong Kong, in Central, and first three star Italy restaurant outside Italy. I walk through the bar (with booth! So chic) and to the private room where dinner is. All very grand but wait! No stool for handbags?  I keep say having stool very important for ladies. We no like leaving our bag on floor. 

Before we get food, we get champagne. 

Very nice France man explain each champagne and history of the House of Krug (did he say Monks sell wool to make money?  Hmm… I wonder if they selll me good wool for travel blanket!).  Everyone sniff and taste champagne. I hear people say spices, fleur de del (why Foody people like use France word?  No understand them!), apricot, truffle..etc when they talk wine but I am special and I no write like everyone else. So I say:

Krug Clos du Mesnil 98 - It is strong personality but no aggressive behaviour like crude people. You smell and you know it is Clos du Mesnil.  Very pure, very direct but not pushy.  Easy for everyone and people know champagne appreciate the subtle complexity

Krug Vintage 98 - It is more sharp than the Clos du Mesnil 98.  Maybe more playful than the Clos du Mesnil 

Krug Grande Cuvee - Fruit smell and taste very refreshing. Work perfectly for summer night

Krug Rose - Beautiful colour, perfect for grand girl.  Easy to drink.  It should work really well when we have pink theme birthday parties!

Warm lobster salad with ligurian artichoke and cinta senese ham -  The lobster and the ham fat so... fat but every foody talk about eating fat at dinner.  They think spam is good.  I think BBC say brown fat is good for you and burn more fat. It's BBC, you have to listen or you no grand.  But how I stay size 2 if I eat fat (but I really like this ham fat)?  Anyway, I like drinking the Grande Cuvee and the Clos du Mesnil with the lobster and ham.   The Artichoke?  So happy they no give whole head like other restaurant.  Artichoke so tender and no yucky leaves.  Some people no know how to eat it artichoke! Taste no easy to match any wine but I think the Vintage was good to drink

Roast duck foie gras with piedmont hazelnut sauce -  I have fat die me problem.  Name a girl who no like Nutella!  The hazelnut sauce is so Nutella and taste good with duck foie gras.  Wait!  Duck foie gras?  Isn't foie gras goose or is it duck? Oh duck duck goose. I am Foody woman writer now and should eat it.  It taste nice with the Vintage. The sharp fruit cuts the fat. Hopefully, I stay size 2, no?

Homemade fettucini with black truffles butter and Parmesan - No carb after 3pm but.... black truffle is so grand.  They shave many slice truffle on it.  It smell nice and no funny taste in mouth.  Sweet Sweet boyfriend say people use pigs to find truffle.  How can that be true?  That is no grand but he show me picture.  I think that is photoshop.  Can't they farm truffle now?  Anyway, the fettucini is fresh make and very soft.  The truffle butter and parmesan make it very tasty.  The Grande Cuvee go so well with it.  You have nice taste in mouth but no grease gelling the mouth. 

Spiced roast challans duck supreme with apple and eggplant compote -  They say this is France duck.  What difference between France duck and China duck?  They go walk around and eat anything. Because they are France, they are grand.  The duck very pink and soft. I usually no eat raw food unless it is Japan but this is France!  It must be good at three star michilin restaurant.  The duck eat well with the Clos du Mesnil and Grande Cuvee but the asparagus eat better with the Vintage.  Why one dish with different champagne?  This is very interesting and I must ask Sweet Sweet Boyfriend why.

Crispy pear tart - Many layer pastry so tasty.  Good browning on puff on top like Sweet Sweet Boyfriend will say but how come the pear thin and no red colour?  Sweet Sweet Boyfriend make one poached in wine but this one no. I think not to mask the champagne.  I know it no good for size 2 but I want fresh brandy cream.  It is ok, I ask my personal trainer to use 3 lbs instead of 2 lbs dumbbell tomorrow.

Dinner very good, champagne is very tasty and food and champagne complimentary each other (yes, new word Sweet Sweet Boyfriend teach me.  Wait, is it complimentary or compliment?) . Everyone drink a lot and talk a lot and a fun evening.  Champagne not just for popping but for drinking when you want to drink and drink with food when you want to taste food better!  If they have stools for handbags at 8 1/2 Otto e Mezzo Bombana, it will be perfect night

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